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That commercial with a lady slowly eating a Lindor truffle.
My computer has been acting wonky all morning long. After copious amounts of troubleshooting and reboots, I discovered the Windows key was stuck in the down position.
The irrational and uncontainable distrust of contractors.
I should really be in bed right now.
When the completion of non-priorities is made super extra double special critical and actual priorities have to be dropped...just to return as mega priorities.
I was put down as a required participant on a meeting at 8:30. I got the web conference info, and the invite said to dial in, but i could not dial in because there was no phone info.
It still smells like fish in the office.
Someone nearby had fish for lunch.
I just tried to take a drink of my Dr Pepper, and nothing was coming out. I looked down and realized I forgot to open the can.
That moment when you realize too late that the toilet seat was wet.
My feet in these shoes look like the ugly stepsisters trying on Cinderella's slipper.
The names of values greater than tertiary.
I just moved a bunch of messages in Verse. Instead of moving them, it just added the target folder to the list of folders the messages were in, retaining the original folder.
I am quadruple booked, even though I already had confirmed things on the calendar.
Just as I was getting up to go use the restroom, I got an important phone call. That call then expanded to include my boss and got even more importanter, but ended with a mandatory action for me: Call this other person and get a status update. So I called the other person and they said "let me call you right back". It's been 20 minutes, I still need to urinate, and they've not called.
I am crashing. Hard.
when your team lead leaves for another company and the bosses say they can "just divvy up her responsibilities" among the remaining people.
Beer-induced heartburn.
"guac" and "parm"
Clothes shopping.
I can't concentrate.
What is it with me and left monitors? First, my left monitor at home died. Now my left monitor at the office is dying.
CVS Refilled a prescription they weren't supposed to. ARGH!
Alcohol and profane ads on Spotify in the mids of a Christian music playlist.
FedEx said my package would be here "by end of day". Now it says "pending".
Emily's computer is totally locked up.