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Running out of coffee beans and being forced to drink Keurig.
Got a robo-dial for a business loan thing, pressed the button to talk to someone, asked if they follow the national do not call registry, chick said, "Uh, yes we do." then hung up on me.
Spinal spasms.
Long drives.
Might be time to start shopping at Lowe's.
It's humid and smells like a dead animal in here.
Self-signed SSL certificate authorizations expiring after I log in to authenticated systems.
Hitting cmd+q instead of cmd+w in Chrome.
My lower back has been popping today and now it's really starting to hurt. A lot.
Automated voice menu things understanding "G" as "3".
Shania Twain.
Cold toilet seats.
Warm toilet seats.
Spotify is playing way too much Death Cab For Cutie.
I thought I could make it a full workday without GrumpLog'ing, but I was wrong.
I just bit my lip and it's bleeding like crazy.
Password change day.
Worthless error reporting. What was the error? The methods to the parameter are virtually useless if there isn't any detail about the error.
passive aggressiveness
People who think that you need to crank the drain plug and oil filter down as tight as humanly possible.
Paula Abdul.
Neighborhood kids lighting fireworks when I'm trying to go to sleep.
If the paint on the railing in a public place is wet, perhaps you should leave a sign stating that. Now I have blueish green fingers.
My neck hurts.
There should really be more than one person working the desk when there's a line of 13 people standing there.
The swans are out of order.