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"Trunk or Treat"
People in this state don't seem to understand that if you're on a divided highway in the middle of nowhere, it's NOT COOL to drive with your high-beams on. Oh, and it doesn't matter if they're coming up behind you or if they're coming towards you.
"We are experiencing unusually high call volumes."
People don't understand Brooks' Law.
An headache.
"Oh no! There is a slight amount of moisture on the road. I must drive like it is a solid sheet of ice."
People who attempt to enter the elevator AS SOON AS THE DOORS OPEN when there are people who need off.
This isn't elementary school. We don't call the parents every time the student needs to do something. Your daughter is 19 years old and is plenty old enough to handle her own mail.
"Woke up to see this on our counter and literally got butterflies in my stomach."
time zones
Finding mold in the non-disassembleable lids of both of my water bottle. Sorry Brita, time to break up.
Daddy only talked to me a little bit today and I didn't get to spend the day with him. I'm protesting by crying as loud as I can and refusing to nurse before bed.
This girl is pronouncing "and" as "ants".
Midwest allergies.
Mom and dad put me in the pack-n-play instead of taking me to bed with them in this hotel room.
That last ounce of cold coffee at the bottom of the cup. I don't want to drink it but I don't want to waste it.
Legacy Code
Manhattan Transfer.
Traveling when I'm already grumpy.
"Your conference will begin momentarily. Please continue to hold."
I have not been able to make up my mind all day and the only way I know how to deal with it is to fuss at Mom and Dad.
Jr. has been really indecisive all day.
My kids. They won't ever go to bed. I just want an hour of two of downtime before I have to pass out. GO THE F*$k TO SLEEP
Love Shack
Almost getting to work on time but then being delayed by a school bus that was stopped at the projects for five dam minutes because one kid wouldn't get on the bus and then when he did he wouldn't sit down in a dam seat.
Slept awfully last night.
There's a happy snuggly kitty on my lap and I don't want to oust him to get up and get ready for work.