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My keyboard hasn't been working properly this morning. Also, since the weekend, it has had a really gummy feeling to most of the keys.
I puked all over myself and we're stuck in traffic.
Traffic jam. Major accident. Freeway closed.
PHP ActiveRecord isn't working properly today.
I have been so busy today that I haven't been able to Grump effectively.
My lunch was interrupted because someone thought their lunch was stolen...ONLY to realize they were off Monday and couldn't have had it stolen!!!
Still no Dr Pepper in the breakroom. What is this? California?
I forgot to bring lunch or breakfast today.
There was no Dr Pepper in the break room.
I just spent the last 15 minutes building a spreadsheet from a convoluted data source. And of course, when I tried to move a chart from a data sheet to its own sheet, Excel crashed. It asked me if I wanted to recover my work, and of course I said yes. When it loaded up though, none of the documents I had open were opened, including the one I had yet to save.
Incredibly dry air.
The Mandalay Bay conference center needs more toilets in the men's rooms.
Moving takes too much work
banana strings
My wifi isn't strong enough to use in the garage.
Trying to use Mac hotkeys on a not-Mac computer.
I got gasoline on my hand this morning and I haven't had time to go wash it off.
Password change day.
I have removed the Grumpy/Happy support for now.
I added the Grumpy/Happy support, but I don't like it.
Whatever this sinus thing is that I have causes me to smell things that aren't actually there. Most typical smell is cigarette smoke, but now I'm also smelling melting plastic.
My wrist really hurts.
Traffic. It's extra special bad.
Bad spreadsheets that aren't print-friendly.
It was overcast and rainy here during the eclipse.
Expense reports.
What a great idea. Open EVERY LINK in a new tab/window.