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I need to stop multi-tasking while on a call.
I had my breakfast cooking in the microwave and the janitor lady walked up and turned it off.
"done done done done"
After you ask a question, shut up and let people answer. Don't keep monologuing about it.
Banner hanging off the Edloe bridge on 59N: "Houston janitors need a raise"
Gah, the cat got into the flowers again. At least he only ate a rose leaf this time and I know those aren't dangerous for cats, although he'll probably puke.
Bacon pancakes.
I got pulled off the last meeting prematurely to get on another meeting that was supposed to be rescheduled and was far more urgent.
I have been in meetings SOLID since I got to the office today with only 2 bathroom breaks.
Multiple people talking at the same time on a conference call.
I can't remember how to mount a filesystem with a specific uid/gid option.
This coffee sucks.
My 23andme report says I'm likely to not be very empathetic. I find myself empathizing with most of the Grumps on here though.
People who close bathrooms to clean them once a day, in the middle of the workday... You know, right around lunch... the most convenient time.
Bathroom closed for cleaning at the only mid afternoon break I have.
Being informed today of a thing that was supposed to be completed by last Friday.
I'm starting to remember why I get so Grumpy at work.
People aren't very grumpy when I'm not around.
This cough.
That trip caused my sinus thing to flare up again.
Let's grow exponentially but not actually grow anything that costs us money, like you know, an operational database that stores everything...
Elections, crabby baby, baby not sleeping by himself because we are in a strang place, and pumping away
I posted a grump on Friday, but I clearly didn't English with it. No idea what I was trying to say.
An operational issue does not fall under the redesignating l responsibility of development.
People at work not understanding "I'm sick and need to crash"
Jr throwing a fit because he doesn't want to nap.
Mom put me down for a nap, Dad is working, and I don't want to be alone in my room, let alone take a nap.