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I just realized that I left my work notebook at home.

I kept thinking yesterday was Friday.

Compressed timelines.

Ads from stores that use the term "obsessed", like, "We're obsessed with these suede boots in fall colors."

I just got about 40 messages all at once from Emily on Hangouts. It looked like she got hacked. Turns out, Jr got her phone and just started pushing buttons.

That's okay, Verse. I didn't need to be scrolled that far down in my list of messages. You can scroll me back to the top.

The post-vacation email catchup.

"Living my best life"

The way Melanie Griffith talks.

Correction: when there's any fruit in my dinner salad. (I will make exceptions for tomatoes and avocados.)

When there's unexpected fruit in my dinner salad.


Returning to the office after a long weekend, at the beginning of an already shortened work week.

I misunderstood the previous Grump context. Turns out it was legit.

Someone is trying to access my Mint account.

Laboring on Labor Day.

I have a meeting that overlaps with my team happy hour.

Business processes changing and not getting fully disclosed.

I just typed "giphys".

When doing a good job results in punishment via the form of more work.


When I mean to type "You too!" and it comes out as "You tool"

My office smells like feet.

I thought I invented "buffaloaf" yesterday, but google informed me this morning that a million people have already thought of it.


A giant bug just fell (from where?!) onto my head and got tangled in my fricking hair.

I am sextuple booked for a slot.

I've managed to squeeze about 20 minutes of work into the past two hours.

I have a massive headache.

I need to clean my glasses.

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